Is Asphalt Only Black?

There’s just something about how sleek and polished an asphalt driveway makes your home look. After all, aesthetics play a huge role in your property’s curb appeal and overall value. That being said, even your driveway does not need to be limited to a single, cookie-cutter look. After all, your home and property is a further representation of you! So for the homeowner looking for a durable driveway that’s as unique as them, we’ve got good news. Asphalt is far more colorful than just black!

What Other Colors of Asphalt are Available?

Aside from varying mixtures which result in differing tones of gray, asphalt can also be tinted. How, you ask? A common procedure called sealcoating! While sealcoating is a normal part of your asphalt driveways maintenance, it can also be used to create different colors on your asphalt surface.

White or Cream Asphalt

A major benefit of tinting your asphalt driveway white is that it decreases the amount of heat absorbed by the driveway. In areas that receive an extreme amount of sun and heat, white asphalt stays up to 30 F cooler. The overall look of white asphalt is also extremely pleasing when paired with a lighter colored home. For those who love the look without the maintenance, cream tinted asphalts can mimic the appearance of concrete.

Go Green

Did you know that you could tint your asphalt various shades of green? This is great for recreational areas, such as tennis courts. It’s a fun look that doesn’t distract from your other landscaping.


To really stand out from the crowd, a red coated asphalt driveway is sure to catch the eye. There are varying shades available, from ruby red to fire truck. Just like lipstick, there’s a shade sure to match with your specific preference. This color also pairs well with brick homes.

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