How To Keep Your Driveway Looking New

Curb appeal matters. In fact, it’s likely what drew you to your home in the first place! And we all know what a huge role your driveway plays in curb appeal. It only makes sense to keep your driveway looking as beautiful now as it did when it was brand new. That’s why today we are sharing the best tips for keeping your driveway looking and performing like new. So it can be the envy of the neighborhood for years to come!

Sealing Your Driveway Is Non-negotiable

Some homeowners believe that sealing their driveway is an optional, cosmetic “extra.” This is not the case! Sealing your driveway regularly (about every two to three years) is the best way to prevent costly repairs and visual boo-boos. Nobody wants to look at a driveway covered in stains, mold, mildew, and cracks.

Your Driveway Should Be Properly Cleaned

You can’t prevent oil or chemical spills, but you can take care of them to ensure they do not stain or weaken your driveway! Good old fashioned kitty litter is purrfect for sopping up oil stains, and a grease-cutting dish detergent will do wonders for removing any lingering stains. Just make sure you use a plastic bristled scrub brush to prevent scratching your driveways surface. Battling mold or mildew? A pressure washer can take care of that for you!

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Patch That Crack ASAP

It doesn’t matter if you see a little crack or a big break. You should repair any damage to your driveway as soon as possible. Pay close attention to your driveway after a cold snap, heatwave, or heavy downpour so you can catch cracks early. There is also some preventative action that can be taken to avoid cracks. Such as ensuring water has an appropriate pathway off and away from your driveway, and parking in the center of your driveway as often as possible to avoid uneven pressure bearing.

Be Mindful of Removing Snow and Ice

Avoid using metal shovels and salt (if your driveway is made of concrete) to remove snow and ice from your driveway. If you do choose to use salt as part of your deicing routine, be mindful of the environment. Salt in water runoff affects plants and animals as well as local waterways. In fact, studies have shown increased salinity in rivers, lakes and drinking water as a result of roadway salting.

If you are diligent with your driveway maintenance, you will be sure to have a gorgeous, durable, and long lasting driveway for many years. If you need assistance repairing, seal-coating, or even installing a new driveway, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our qualified team of professionals are here to help!

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